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Sweating too much is good or bad?

Sweating is a physiological fact, a sophisticated cooling system that counteracts the rise in body temperature.

sweating Sweating is normal for the body, is a kind of refrigeration system, as it begins to sweat when the body temperature is likely to rise well above 37 ° C. It 'a defense mechanism, activated by' hypothalamus that when realizes that the temperature is likely to rise excessively, gives the order to more than two million sweat glands to begin their work. When you sweat, also, you get rid of toxins and metabolic waste, so sweat is also a way to purify the body and of itself, the sweat is odorless, begins to be smelly, and in any case different from subject to subject, when bacteria on the skin that feed on sweat, and begin decomposing.

There is no fixed rule about the amount of sweat, so everything is very subjective. There is sweating more and some less, but there are people who sweat excessively, and in this case suffer from hyperhidrosis, a disorder rather than a disease, which may, however, have an impact on the social life of the person suffering from it, because they usually tend to isolate themselves from others.
Thus, as mentioned above, it is not possible to say if you sweat too much or do little good or bad, it is simply a condition dictated by the body tries to maintain the temperature within safe limits.

rehydration Sweating is also lose water and minerals and many other substances which it is composed sweat and, for the accuracy, chlorides, carbonic acid, sulfates, ammonia, potassium, calcium, magnesium, urea, uric acid, glucose, lactic acid, acetone , amino acids and fatty acids. Of course, when you sweat excessively as for example, when it carries a certain physical activity, it is necessary to hydrate in an appropriate manner, so as to restore at least in part what is lost with the sweat that, in normal conditions, is constituted by a quantity liquids varying from half to eight liters per day.

The sweating, however, is not only related to physical activity or to the fact of being exposed to a high temperature, for which it triggers the mechanism of refrigeration which was mentioned previously. Sweat can also be a sign of sickness of the body tied to a lack of protein, vitamin deficiencies, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disorders, metabolic disorders, obesity, diseases of the lymphatic system, lung disease, menopausal, but also to issues of character emotional. In fact, it is common to sweat if you are very upset, worried, like when you have to take an exam or a job interview is particularly important.
In fact, it is not uncommon to have sweaty hands, which more than anything makes you uncomfortable, that discomfort increases even more sweating.

Sweat glands Lock sweating, even if not permanently, can be a problem, because it is missing the normal cooling effect, in addition to the purification of the body, because in fact would not remove all the slag that is necessary to remove periodically.

This means that sweat is good, you should sweat at least once a day, and the best way to do this is the 'physical activity, rather than be exposed to such temperatures that would put in place perspiration.

sudorazione However, those who sweat excessively, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, you may have a problem of vitamin deficiency that even a most appropriate power could help solve the problem.

So, eat more fruits and vegetables and dairy products and instead limit the consumption of meat sausages, spicy foods, alcohol and coffee.

Even the clothing is important since it is necessary not to block the passage of air, the ventilation, then less garments made ​​of synthetic fabrics which are to be preferred those made ​​of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, all fibers that allow a normal parts air and that, in the case of sweating, also promote a more efficient evaporation of sweat.

Daniel Lisi

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